Saved in the ‘70s when it was cool to go “Witnessing”. Problem was never really knew how to close. We used ‘Tracks’ then. I remember going with a pastor who walked up to young men and called them “Chicken” while handing them a track called Chicken. A little scary for me.

I guess God heard the cries of the poor victims and spoke to someone who wrote the soul winning script that Rodney Howard Browne’s ministry uses. I use it all the time and get amazing results. People who wouldn’t talk to you somehow find themselves repeating the salvation prayer with you. I love using it.


It was 2005 when I attended Summer Camp Meeting at Revival Ministries International. Rodney Howard-Browne said, “If you want more of God raise your hands and ask Him.” I screamed inside myself, “LORD, I WANT REVIVAL IN ME!!! I’ve been asking for such a long time.” That started it. I was flooded with the glorious presence of Almighty God and haven’t been the same since.


I returned home to New England and logged onto every chance I got. I watched all the archived meetings. Always, when I would tune into Brother Rodney Howard –Browne I would go to that place of just me and God.


My outlook on everything was different. I also began to long for the harvest of souls. I went soul winning with a new attitude and even up there in the cold people responded positively. It’s almost three years and I’m still filled with the unquenchable fire of God. Oh by the way, I move to the “River” – just couldn’t stand being away.


Guess I got what I asked for.