What Else But Faith

At what point in your day to day life does faith kick in? When I am in church at the River at Tampa Bay Church, I am encouraged to strech my faith, whether it be for a new job, finances met, or that seed that God planted to come to fuition. Rodney Howard Browne lives by faith and it is evident in his teaching.  My hope in Christ is always fired up by the time I leave. I love that ministry.


It seems Rodney Howard Browne has found the answer to populating heaven and plundering hell. He has stepped out  canvasing cities in the U.S. with an army of  soul winners using ‘the soul winning script’ to harvests the ripe fields of souls. In every city God is moving in the meetings. Christians are getting out of the church and onto the streets. You have to check out if there’s a Great Awakening Tour coming to city near you.

My Heart Beats for You

Rodney Howard-Browne is doing foundational teachings for 2008 at the River at Tampa Bay Church every Sunday. In January he focused on our heart. Is your heart hungry? Is it on fire? I thought mine was until February. During these meetings my heart began to beat again for more of God. I’ve always been hungry but it seems that under the anointing  here at the River earthly things seem to grow dim and the God things glow brightly.