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rodney howard browne

I arrived at the church at 8:00 a.m. and was assigned to usher that morning. The section that I was assigned to was near the entrance that faces children’s church. I looked at the window and saw a mass of people.  Parents were in line for the registration of their kids to enter the children’s church and to also receive a free Christmas toy. As the people enter, they were from all nations that came.  A few people came to me and asked if there were closer seats. People came expecting and hungry for the things of God.

Watching the crowd of people entering for the service and filling up the seats was such a blessing. People were getting touched by the presence of God. When the invitation came for the altar call, I looked at the crowd of people and saw hands going up in every section. They ranged in age from the littlest child to the oldest person. When they were asked to stand, people stood and came forward. A large number of people came to surrender their lives to Jesus. Many that came to the altar that morning were the result of someone going out and knocking on doors during the week and Saturday outreaches.

The glory of God touched these individuals’ lives. Many walked towards the prayer room with smiles on their faces, rejoicing and praising God.

The month of October I lost someone very close to me. I stopped leading people to the Lord like I normally did during the week. A month later I prayed to the Lord to place a passion for the lost in my heart. I would go out on Saturday outreaches but the passion wasn’t there. What ministered to me the most was seeing the people answering the altar call. The Holy Spirit touched my heart when those people were going to the prayer room. I sensed that I need to be determined to go out again and lead people to the Lord.  


Nancy S

Stoping the Hunger period, first part by Rodney Howard Browne

Rodney Howard Browne shows us how to obey God

Ever witnessed the ravages of a famine? If that is the case you can always remember the scene. 

The stink of death is sickening, horrifying. Each living creature suffers due to the acute insufficiency of food. It is one of the most traditional of all plagues—and famines are still with us to this day. We hear and read of them sweeping across massive territories leaving people and animals in their wakes. The hunger brings a mix of such starvation and starvation, life grinds to a virtual dead stop.



Not even the otherwise hearty and once-powerful four-footed beasts of the field can survive if the famine remains.


We who live in “the land of plenty” can only imagine such scenes. With fast-food places at nearly every corner in our busy towns, corner shop shelves stacked high with lots of food and typically a selection of different types of the same food to pick from—all of it in abundance—and, additionally, many eateries to suit our food fancy, we do not think about what life would be like where none of that is right.

The Bible speaks rather regularly of famines but nowhere more eloquently than in the scribblings of a rather obscure soothsayer named Amos. God used Amos’s pen to explain a crisis that would one day arrive, leaving humanity in the grip of a famine. However incredibly, it wouldn’t be a hunger for literal food or seared tongues hankering for clean water. It’d be a famine for hearing God’s truth announced. Here’s the way that the prophecy appears in Amos 8:11-12. “Behold, days are coming,” declares the Lord GOD,. Not a famine for bread or a thirst for water,. But rather for hearing the words of the LORD.

They’ll go to and fro to find the word of the LORD,. Without meaning to be overdramatic, that prophecy has come to pass. We now live in the middle of such a famine. The sound, unswerving, balanced, consistent, and healthy teaching and evangelizing of the Word of the Lord is barely heard here in these US or, for what it’s worth, around the planet.

There are churches and chapels, churches and churchs where spiritual activities abound. And there are folks of each convincing who talk and teach, who appear in the media, who write books, who talk about God and debate subjects the Bible addresses related to our times. But the absence of solid biblical food based mostly on sound doctrine, served continually and in healthy portions, is noticeable by its absence. Let’s recommit ourselves to breaking that famine.


A Half Hour Spiritual Improvement by Rodney Howard Browne

rodney howard browne

Go back over those 3 concerns of religious nourishment we looked at yesterday : taking in Our Lord God’s Word, chatting to Him in prayer, and spending some additional mins turning the truth over in your mind’s eye with plans to obey. One of the finest methods to put this plan into action is to put aside thirty additional mins per day—just thirty minutes—for at least this the week after next.


For the 1st ten mins, begin a book of the Bible—you may select Proverbs or maybe Philippians or perhaps the text of John. Mention those members of your folks by name.


Eventually , sit silently for the final ten mins and think. You can need to begin keeping a book, where you record in your own writing what the Lord is showing you. Do that every day for a minimum of one week and see how nutritive it becomes. And incidentally, before you suspect, “30 mins a day is way too long a time,” consider how long you spend nutritive your body on a day-to-day basis. Then remember the principle : “optimal health needs perfect nutrition.”.

The secret lies in keeping a balance, nutritive your soul as well as your body.