Great Awakening Tour City #46 Riverside, CA | Camille M Testimony

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Spoke with Ever and Vivian as their father was filling out the survey in Spanish. What blessed me was that as I was saying the prayer with them, they were filled with joy and excitement, so innocent and believing through the whole thing, like a child receiving something good. They were 6-7 years old. Had favor with security guards. My first time ever. Really rough start. After 7 straight rejections I was in tears and ready to quit. My coach team leader Kristi was awesome encouraging me, reminding me that I’m sowing seeds. So I was gun-shy and then I watched my husband lead a young person to the Lord and felt like I had witnessed a real, true and honest salvation. That was a turning point. Reminded me why I’m doing it, yes to be obedient, but because I love seeing how much he loves us. I ended up leading 21 people to Jesus. A few of which I know were divine appointments that the devil was trying his hardest to make sure it didn’t happen. Drive by, 3 girls. I read my bible and pray mightily and she got saved. Plus another got saved as well.

Camille M
California United States

Great Awakening Tour City #46 Riverside, CA | Tim B Testimony

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Guy first seemed like he was on drugs. She shared with him, then he received Christ. He looked totally different and joyful.Led a Spanish family of 5 to the LordI came up to a man in the car. I don’t know if I would go to heaven or hell. He received Christ in the parking lot. In a grocery store parking lot. I met a woman named Denise asking for money for a bus. I led her to the Lord and prayed for the spirit of alcoholism to break off of her. She felt it leave. She then went around asking people if they wanted to pray and led others to the Lord.

Tim B
Washington United States

Sunday Services | Merry T Testimony

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My husbands'(job) property sold a week ago, we were told, we will get severance pay! we are the only ones from the former company who actually stayed with the property, we decided to give them a try!! so i have been praying, for great bosses up the chain of command in this new company!! and for some great employees too !! so far, the ones my husband has met, he likes !! ……. BUT!!….. i have to tell how GOD TOOK CARE OF US !! my husband is on 5 medications.. bp, diabetes etc…some of this we can’t buy up in advance ( regulations ) but the doctor changed his dosage, and when we refilled his medicines, we were given his OLD and NEW dosage one of them….. and i have sensed for several months now, to save save save on his meds…….. THE “VERY !! DAY”…. OUR JOB SOLD…THEY DROPPED OUR INSURANCE, AND DIDN’T WARN US… I FOUND OUT BY TRYING TO ORDER HIS MONTHLY ORDER……BUT GOD KNEW WHAT WAS COMING !! AND WE ARE IN THE BEST SHAPE WE CAN BE IN, TILL HIS NEW INSURANCE GOES INTO EFFECT !! GOD STARTED MONTHS AGO….HAVING ME SAVE SAVE SAVE…BECAUSE HE KNEW IT WOULD TAKE THIS AMOUNT OF TIME TO SAVE ALL THE LITTLE EXTRAS MEDS!! …….. in Christ, merry trejo

Merry T
Bradenton Florida United States

Sunday Services

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Well about last year around January I had a receptionist job. It didn’t pay me a lot at all part time I was making 225 a week. (That in itself was a blessing because that job got me out of the clubs dancing) I was renting a room so rent was 125 a week. After gas it didn’t leave me with alot to work with. I put my ten percent in the offering bucket and was grocery shopping on 10 dollars a week. But God told me where to shop to make that work. I told one of my friends mom what I was doing because she didnt believe in tithing. She said Your really not in the position to be tithing and not to give. But I just laughed because my joy was in giving God my twenty dollars or so. One year later I got another job working as live in home support for the mentally disabled. At this job they pay my rent water and my electricity bill. On top of that pay me 525 a week. Just a few months ago I was talking to my sister Brande who also dosnt believe in tithing nor God Himself. And I was talking to her about my finances telling her where my pay check was going. I told her 200 car payment 50 gas 60 in offering and which by the way im up to 50 dollars in groceries now for the week! And she said ” I dont think your in the position to be giving to the church right now… ha ha. So I told her what happend last year and that was exactly what my friends mom said and gave her the testimony where I am now. And maybe a month ago my mom who also dosnt believe in tithing said “Ya know Samantha IM SUUUURE If you dont give to God and save up for your own place and ask Him to forgive you im SUUURE He will.” Because that is what I wanted I wanted to save up and move from my job that I have working with the menatlly disabled and move on to something else. I told her im suuuure He would but im not going to do that. I added all my bills up with my own place and its like 2100 dollars thats including offering, im thinking thats alot! I prayed to God to help me find a place. So get this, about 3 weeks later and still being faithful in my finances I get a text message from my old room mate whom I was talk to about my moving into my own place that when ever i want i can move in back with her for FREE untill we move out into a 3 bedroom apartment in Feburary and my rent will only be 350 a month plus half the utlilities!!!! So thats my testimony on tithing and let me tell you my mommy didnt have a very nice tone of voice when I told her what I got because I was faithful. I cant wait till my bread comes back from what that im tithing on now!!!! I am going to fund the end time harvest!

Samantha G
PINELLAS PARK Florida United States