Great Awakening Tour-Chattanooga

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Hello Revival Friends- Gosh how we miss you! I can’t thank you enough for teaching us how to use the Gospel soul-winning script. It has totally changed our lives!!! We have been using it since we got back from Chattanooga. Every person saved is the greatest testimony, but I’d like to give you a few of the ones, (so far), that I’ll never forget. I went to visit my family at Thanksgiving. I was helping to clean, and it wore me out. The next am I woke up very dizzy; could hardly even sit up. I was so upset; the whole family was coming, and I so wanted to lead them to Jesus. I was lying in bed, all upset with myself, so I prayed “Lord give me a harvest!” About a minute later my cell phone rang. It was a telemarketer. I was kind to her. (I used to hang up.) So I said “Has anyone ever told you that God loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life?” She said “No.” So I went on. She had said that everything was fine, then she suddenly said, “You know, nobody in my family cares about me.” We talked, and she prayed with me to receive Jesus. She started to say in very broken English, “You are very wonderful lady. I want you to speak with my boss.” I thought that she needed me to explain to her boss that it was my fault for keeping her on the phone so long, talking about something unrelated to her work. A very pleasant man came on the line, said he was Anna’s manager (and also her boyfriend). He introduced himself as “Sandy”. I asked him the same question. He also got saved!!! They said they were from Las Vegas; I was in Ohio. I told them to get to a computer, and log on to, since I had no way of contacting them further. They were so happy and I was ecstatic!!! The Lord surely gave me a harvest-my Aunt and Sister also got saved that day. Also after that phone call, I sat straight up in bed with NO dizzyness at all!!! Isn’t our God GOOD!!!!!! WOW!!! My very good friend, Laurie, was wanting to get together and go soul-winning; to learn to use the script. We met for lunch at a Mexican restaurant. Before we left, I began the script with our waiter: he got saved. We shared it with another waiter. Fortunately. we had the Spanish script with us. He did much better reading it. He got saved, too. After this Laurie was so excited; she said “Let’s go talk to the girl who took us to our table.” She knew even less English,so we were able to talk with her, and share the Spanish script. All 3 of them were so happy, and we felt that we were almost in Heaven already!!! It is our absolute greatest joy!!! Thank you all so much! Can’t wait to see you again. You have changed our lives. Love Always, Your Sis in Christ, Val Feeney

Val F
Franklin Tennessee United States

Great Awakening Tour City #28 Ball Ground (N. Atlanta) GA | Julie S Testimony

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Somebody from Verizon just called to offer me fios services and I led him to the Lord! He was so overwhelmed and thankful, he almost couldn’t contain his emotions. He said that I’m a very nice person, and that no one has ever told him before that Jesus loves him. Wow! Thank you, Jesus! I am the pastor of World Harvest Church in Alabama. The first night I attended I was baffled by the fact that Pastor was an “usher” then I realized that when God spoke to me and said “You do what you do and I will do what I do” that I was actually witnessing that very thing. I am bringing the materials back to my church in Alabama. I saw my Bishop’s heart for the lost and the joy of his salvation return and I praise God that the heart of the leader flows down. Thank you for tools which allow anyone to share the gospel so we can break off this wrong mindset of “you get them here and pastor will do the rest” God bless you and your ministry. We will be praying for you in intercessory every monday night. Pastor Rebecca R

Julie S
Land O’Lakes Florida United States

Great Awakening Tour City #28 Ball Ground (N. Atlanta) GA | Eileen C Testimony

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Dear Pastor, I wrote to you about a week ago about my spiritual sister’s husband who was suffering with a terrible heart condition. Two of his heart valves had stopped working; he was on oxygen in the ICU. The doctor had given him a week to live. I’m writing to tell you that a miracle occurred on the 1st of this month. He woke up on the morning of that day feeling as good as new even though his heart and lungs were stopping every now and then just a day before. The doctors said it was a miracle because after they checked him, heart was found to be completely normal. Our God is truly a mighty and powerful God who has saved us from the sorrow of loosing a wonderful man of God, and saved his wife and five children from losing a wonderful husband and father. He is at home now, though the doctors have advised him to take a rest for a week at least. Praise the Lord! Thank you all for your prayers without which this miracle would not have been possible. Thank you all once again. Eileen

Eileen C
Abbottabad (No State) Pakistan

Great Awakening Tour City #28 Ball Ground (N. Atlanta) GA | Olufemi A Testimony

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MAY GOD BLESS YOU ABUNDANTLY AND ENRICH YOU SPIRITUALLY IN YOUR MINISTRY…recently i was watching your programme when everyone was laughing, i wanted to feel that way but there wasn’t no feeling. I went on the computer to check your ministry website when i realised that i had an e-mail from my Physics teacher. I’m one of the least performing student in Physics class my Highest grade in Physics are all U’s; recently last week we did a mock paper; i prayed to GOD and he answered me, he planned everything for me and i recceived an e-mail from my teacher that i got a B!!!!! i couldn’t believe it; even though the Devil is attacking me in all ways to bring me away from GOD, i did not care i know GOD is going to help me no matter how sinful i may be, for he’s my rock and the map of my life, guess what music i listened to after i heared the news? it was titled “For the enemy has been defeated”. PRAYS THE LORD!!!!!! (Amen) :)the joy i have now is not only the Physical, but the SPIRITUAL for in the presence of the Lord, there is fullness of Joy. GLORY BE TO GOD HALLELUJAH!! 🙂 And m very sure that the plan of God that my lowest Grade in Physics will be the B i got now, for next time around it will be a SUPER A!!!!!! woooooo…….. (Amen)

Olufemi A
Kent (No State) United Kingdom