What Impacted Me In The Last Campmeeting | Jonas Kaiser Testimony

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I was mostly impacted by the different directions the Holy Spirit moved in the meetings and the intensity the people got touched and changed in the presence of God.

For me the most impacting day of campmeeting was Thursday night. For some reason i was spiritually hungry after the morning service like never before. I felt it so strong in my spirit that it actually affected me physically. I never felt something like this before. It was like my spirit was starving. So i couldn’t wait for the evening service. But then 20 minutes before the service one of the ushers asked me if i could help out that night because they were short on staff.

I was dissapointed at that moment because really wanted to press in that service. So now i had to usher and couldn’t really let the Holy Spirit fill me like i wanted him to.

During the whole service i still felt that hunger burning in my spirit. And then the presence exploded in the service and people got touched by God like never before in this week. All i could do was catching these people and watching carefully what’s going on.

That was a little frustrating because i could feel the Holy Spirit so strong but i wouldn’t allow him to overwhelm me.

Service ends and i am standing there, not knowing what to do. I wanted to go to Pastor Rodney to ask him if he could pray for me but then the Holy Spirit told me that i don’t need him to get touched God’s presence and so i just sat on a chair, lifted my arms and started to pray in tongues.

Immediately the power of God hit me and from this moment on it just became intense. I was laughing, crying and rolling on the floor for hours. The power of God hit me like never before and He was talking about a lot of important things to me in this time.

I finally got out of church at 3 o’clock in the morning, full of the Holy Spirit and so thankful for God’s faithfullness.

He wants to touch anybody and he will if we open ourselves for Him. There is no other person needed and the circumstances don’t matter for Him to come with his presence and change a live forever.

Great Awakening Tour City #32 Tri-Cities, Tennessee/Virginia | Wesley M Testimony

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I asked for prayer for my son Anthony who has a learning discibility for him to pass geometry & metal shop & he did also, for my daughters graduation party that God would cover me because all my in-laws drink & I did not want a drunken fight at my daughters party. I wanted to celebrate her & they did not come & we had an awsome party & God did cover me Thank you so much Marie I am Evangelist Wesley Njoh M ,form Cameroon in central Africa.I want to Appreciate God for what He has done to my ministry through your revival meetings(22may 2008).It has put fire in my bones and has made me to be alert and hate religion.I am looking forward to organise serious evangelism in the nation capital city(Yaounde). I am trusting God to help me so that I can enrole to your Bible institude so as to receive more fire so that we can take over this world for Jesus. May God richly bless your ministry and provide all your needs in Jesus Name Amen. THANKS.

Wesley M
Yaounde (No State) Cameroon

Crusade Edmonton,CAN | Marjoke H Testimony

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When my husband and I and our three young children arrived at the crusade,we had been on a fast for more than 41 days.Not a spiritual based fast,but a forced one,for the church who was supposed to have fed us and given us a salary as youth pastors,had not done so,and our little family was starving.We had survived the winter in the arctic climate of North Alberta by digging for cans under snow with our children, while leading the youth and children’s ministries,we had pioneered for the church in this missionfield.The youth gatherings had grown to about 160 youth,the children’s church had grown to about 65.To not take any food away from our children,for us,I would boil water and flavor it with a onion peel and salt.The church said we would never make it to the crusade.We put our last money together,about $50 CAN,and took the old van and began to drive. It died on arrival in our camping spot.A young man gave us a lift to the church where the crusade was being held.From the moment we came through the door we could feel the Presence of Jesus everywhere.We did not see the preacher yet,only his muffled speaking from the other side of the closed doors that led to the auditorium.The lord Spoke to us;”This is the tree that I want you to sit under.They will be your mentors.When they go right,you go right,when they go left ,you go left.Your will not depart from them.” Within a few month we were in the bible school of Dr.Rodney Howard-Browne.God made a supernatural way for us out of the wilderness. We knew we had finally come home.We had come so close to lay down the call for ministry after fifteen and a halve years in full time ministry,but from Dr.Rodney Howard Browne’s mouth on that day had come living Water from the Lord to our thirsty and beaten up souls.People may not understand this, but we know that Jesus did send him and his wife to save our lives!They saved our lives!We thank and love the Lord for His Goodness towards us.We love Him and no other.Religion hates Jesus,it is a spirit,as we later on learned.So many children and youth had begun to come to know the Lord as their Savior,and leadership in the church had become jealous,and sought to get the glory and the finances in the youth and children’s account that had dramatically increased,as the Lord prospered us. They wanted us to suffer,they wanted us to go. The Bible school from Drs.Rodney and Adonica Howard-Browne changed our lives for ever.We have just entered our 25th year inn full time ministry,We thank the Lord for saving our very lives that day and our pastors Rodney and Adonica ,for being willing to go to Canada that year to be used by God to bring His Revival Fire. If you are a minister about to quit,don’t!!! Get yourself and your family to one of the crusades of Drs Rodney and Adonica Howard Browne, and let the Lord Touch you in the meetings.Your life will never be the same again!!!Then,.. come to the Bible school! This school, is none like any I had gone to for ministry before.It is the school of the Spirit.This desision will save your live!

Marjoke H
Valrico Florida United States