Rodney Howard Browne – Lena M. Testimony

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When I first came to RBI my favorite way to serve God and to live for the Lord was to win souls. I had been winning souls since I was saved in 2004. I came to RBI because I heard amazing testimonies of how people were winning thousands of souls and I wanted to be part of these exploits. Using the script is an awesome way to preach the Gospel with such focus and intent that it simply tells the whole Gospel and then brings people to the point of making a decision in just a few minutes. For me personally, I had prayed many times that God would use me to bring thousands, even millions of souls into the kingdom.

This was more than a prayer, but a deep cry of my heart that God put there, and I know that he has begun to fulfill this desire and prayer by bringing me to RBI and The River Church. Preaching the Gospel is such a crucial part of being a Christian, and I am very excited to be able to teach others what I’ve learned scripturally about our responsibility to preach. There is much deception and fear about this central part of the Gospel in the body of Christ, and I believe that with what I now have learned in the Bible about winning souls, I will be able to help others walk this out as well.

Many people in the body of Christ are unfulfilled and lacking joy because they are missing out on preaching the Gospel and having the kingdom manifest through them, because this is what every person was created to do.

Rodney Howard Browne – Jordan H. Testimony

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When I first started soul winning seriously is when I first came to RBI. Soul winning has changed my life. I remember the first time I used the soul winning script, wow I was nervous. I walk right up to this group of people; they were just standing there outside their house. All of sudden the Lord just gave me boldness when I started reading the script and all seven of the people that were standing there said the prayer with me. I was so amazed, that was it for me, I was hook!

That scripture in Mark 16:15, really came alive to me, Jesus is calling me to preach the Gospel to every creature. That day change everything for me, the Lord open my eyes to see this is what it’s all about. All I wanted to do is soul win everywhere I went. I really have a heart for the lost. Since I was going to RBI and now I’m almost done with the first year, I can tell you so many stories what I seen during this year.

I remember one time when we went out to this place in the projects of Tampa and it was a rainy day, but that didn’t stop us. It was awesome for me, that day was really a big day for me , I prayed with like twenty something that day, and I remember this one moment, it started to rain and we were getting ready to leave and all of sudden I see this field of kids practicing for football, and I was like thank you Jesus! I didn’t care if it was rainy.

The Lord gave me such boldness, I ran out there. All the kids look right over at me and I started reading the script to them and they all said it with me, and even the coaches did too! Then I ran back to the van , I started laughing, the Joy of the Lord starting to hit me. There are so many stories I can say about this year about soul winning but all I know is that the lord change my life and open my eyes about souls and made me to realize that it’s not a program it’s a lifestyle!

Matters of the Heart | Michael Perry Testimony

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On Sunday, December 13, our church, the River of Tampa Bay, my wife and I helped out with a large outreach to the local communities of Tampa Bay. One of the tools our church uses to bring in the lost is our bus ministry. My wife and I have personally been soul witnessing on one particular route, route 3, almost every Saturday. The bus we were on serviced this route. As we were driving from the church to the bus route 3 area to drop off the local residents, I struck up a conversation with an older man. He had an interesting story as he told me about his family and the Pentecostal church they owned back in Tennessee and how he had gotten away from the Lord for many years while he worked for the circus hustling people. He said that he gave his life to the Lord in 2006 and gave all indications that he was saved. I began to share my testimony with him, about how God had brought me from a long way. I spoke of the goodness of God. I spoke of winning souls in his area. As we passed, certain areas I told him about the different people I had meet and seen saved. Street after street. Block after block. I noticed that he had a Spanish soul winning script and asked if he had an English one. He did and I asked him if someone had prayed with him using the script. He said no, so I thought I would do some training with him so that he might possible use the script himself. I went through the script and he answered no if he would go to heaven. I figured he was just working with me on the script. It was not until we were half way through the prayer of salvation that I realized for him, it was real. At the end of the prayer I asked him if he really prayed the prayer. He said yes. I presumed that he was either witnessed to either on the way to church or answered the alter call at church. Sometimes you just never know. Luke 15:7.

Matters of the Heart

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This past Sunday I was working in Children’s Church and I have never seen anything like it before. Before service started the room was starting to get filled 20 minutes before service actually started. Kids began pouring in from both doors with cheerful faces as they saw their friends in the room. I started to play the Hillsong Kids DVD on the projector and the kids loved it. When service began it started off just like any other Sunday, a few games, a few giveaways, Joe Manno came up on stage and there was a new kind of energy coming from him. He began to throw candy out into the crowd of kids and began to start telling stories. When he finished telling his stories he asked if anyone wanted a bike. The kids went crazy! He brought a few kids on-stage along with his helpers. He made the kids have a dance off to see who would win the bike,that was one of 3 bikes that he gave away. After that he got in a serious attitude and told the kids to sit around the front of stage. He began to preach about the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and he described it in a way that even I have never heard about. He described the whips that were used by the Roman soldiers to beat Jesus, he used so many descriptions that you could close your eyes and see everything he said. It was amazing how the kids responded. Many got touched by the Holy Spirit, a lot of those for the first time. Many lives were transformed there. He then proceeded and gave an alter call and over 150 kids gave their lives to Christ for the first time! It was an amazing thing to witness because you know that these kids will never be the same for as long as they live. And its amazing because we don’t know what God has for their lives, many of them will be nation shakers, many even generation shakers. God moved in a mighty way that will only grow and grow each week and I thank God for the opportunity to be a part of the mighty move of God that day.

Winter Campmeeting 2010 | Sean Liburdi Testimony

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Campmeeting was awesome and very powerful in my life. During the meetings I developed so much more of a hunger for spiritual things and really pressed into the deep things of God. God really spoke to me and touched me during the meetings. Even after the end of services God was still doing awesome things in my life. Whether it was the financial realm from sowing seed during that time and his supernatural provision or working on fruits and issues of the heart, God was constantly moving. It is amazing how every meeting is different and just how the teachings really sink into your heart. When the Pastor from Turkey spoke and they rolled the clip of what God was doing in Turkey was incredible. The way God is touching people in other areas of the world is amazing to me and the hunger that is being stirred up all around. God is truly getting ready to shake nations, if he hasn’t already started doing it yet. It is also amazing to see Pastors Rodney and Adonica Browne celebrate 30 years in ministry. What an accomplishment! I just think it is amazing that I am 33 years old and they have been doing this for 30 years. It is incredible! That showed me personally how the anointing will sustain you and that one touch from God will keep you running even decades later! The deep things of God are so awesome!

Another thing that was great to me during those meetings was to see my friends and family members get touched by God. It was my mom and aunt’s first time at the River Church and what a great time to come during winter camp meeting. My mom got touched with the joy of the Lord and is still getting touched weeks after the meeting. We are so fortunate to be able to sit under the anointing that is here and not have one hour dry cleaning services. Isn’t the Lord wonderful!!