Igniting a Generation – John H. Testimony

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Rodney Howard Browne stated that Summer Camp meeting was a life changing experience. It was amazing! Every service was full of fire and passion. I received an impartation of the fire of God in my heart. I became more sensitive to the Holy Spirit, aware of the flow of the Spirit of God and even more apt to pray for the sick.  Rodney Howard Brown says that it was nothing but a pure flow of the Holy Ghost. This past week was one of downloads. It stirred up a hunger and passion for Christ!

The Great Awakening Tours stated that it helped me put myself in a position, continually, to be prepared for Christ’s return! I was also amazed at the awesome miracles that took place. Rodney Howard Brown stated that a young lady was blind in her eye and could see. Another lady was deaf in one ear and her ear popped open! Rod The message remained the same throughout the conference which was for us to be ignited to see a generation changed. I found myself, in several occasions, overwhelmed with joy unspeakable and full of glory!

The Great Awakening Tours says preaches about the presence of God was so tangible; it was if God Himself breathed in the place. It was like Heaven on earth! We had the opportunity to bask in the presence of the living God. We were saturated in His presence! Rodney Howard Browne says that there was a love that was flowing as well as great unity among the believers. There was a cry: one voice screaming out for this generation to wake up and heed the call of the Lord! The anointing was so tangible. So much so that several nights the joy of the Lord bubbled so strong in me that when Pastor Rodney came and laid his hands on me, it was literally like a fire that began to pour from the tip of my fingers to the soles of my feet. And the more I yielded to the fire of God; the more I received and it was becoming a consuming fire.

The camp meeting was a complete success. From the ministers to the Spirit of God, to people being ignited and on fire in this generation; we will never be the same!