Rodney Howard Browne – Lauren P. Testimony

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Rodney Howard Browne stated that when I began internship I was slightly worried at where I would fit in and how I would adapt to everything. I’m glad to say, being an intern is an honor and a privilege and I take it very seriously. My first week I did a lot of administration work which was good. I probably filed hundreds of papers, and there was still a pile left! I enjoyed working in the River Bible Institute office in the Great Awakening Tour.

The second week I was given an assignment to get some perks for all the students coming in, for example student discounts and deals. That turned out to be awesome, and there was much fruit from it. Just finishing the project yesterday, I can say it was very successful and I’m excited to get more discounts for our students through out the year. As an intern you are required to be on the offering schedule. I had no idea what this meant until a couple weeks into the internship.

Rodney Howard Brown says that there are multiple services throughout the week so everyone takes a shift. After the offering message is given, we collect the offerings and count them. This may seem like a small unimportant task to many but I saw it as a great honor. I feel very honored to be a part of counting the Lord’s money. It is not something small, it is a great responsibility. I have found myself counting offering almost every time since. I fully enjoy serving the Lord and counting carefully the money that has been given to Him. I’m learning that the Lord doesn’t really look when everyone is looking, but He pays close attention to the times when no ones is around, when you’re by yourself working at your own level of integrity.

Rodney Howard Browne – Jerardy S. Testimony

Worship Soundtracks from RMIRiverSong on Vimeo.

Rodney Howard Browne stated that we were at a Fry Food and a girl was waiting at the bus stop. When I asked her was she saved she started crying because she wasn’t sure that God loved because she was 17 with no parents. But she listened to what I had to say and gave her life to Christ. The Great Awakening Tours stated that then said it felt like someone wrapping their arms around her.  Also we were downtown and this guy with a cast ran up to me and said that his arm was hurt. So, I prayed with him and he was saved and healed. Then he began to tell everyone around him about his healing.

Rodney Howard Browne stated that my experience today was beautiful. I have never evangelized before. The enemy has tried to tell me that I couldn’t do it.  But I beat him, and it was wonderful to see people accept Jesus. I saw their faces change before my eyes. This couple wanted someone to pray for their needs and when we started to pray, the wife began to yell to God for help. It was marvelous!!

Rodney Howard Brown says that I walked up to a lady downtown. She wasn’t sure if she’d go to heaven, so she prayed with me. We were walking while praying and when we were done, she stopped. She started crying and said she was just praying in her head at the moment I walked up to her and said she’d been having a really bad day, but now she feels so much better.