My first Great awakening meeting – Rodney Howard Browne

My first Great awakening meeting was an amazing way to start out my New year!

Rodney Howard Browne says that Pastor Adonica had talked about opening yourself up to God in ways that you haven’t before, and letting the Holy spirit come in and take control.  Rodney Howard Brown stated that it started me off this year in such a great way to remind myself that its not about me and its not about me being in control, and to  just trust God to touch me like never before and let him in places that I might hold onto so dearly. Great Awakening Tours stated that because he created us, He knows us better than we know ourselves, so who better to trust than Him to fully let in and consume us and show us the things we need to fix and the things we need to let go. Its so precious to see people and myself included getting touched by the presence of God.  Rodney Howard  Browne indicates that you see people getting set free, bondages being broken, letting things go and giving them to God and becoming a totally different person in one night. Rodney Howard Brown stated that  peoples faces will be totally different when they get up off the floor from getting a touch , their whole countenance will have changed, just by letting God into their heart in the deepest parts where He knows to go and bind up what’s been broken and leaving all control into his hands. Its all a mater of just letting go and yielding to God and the Holy spirit move right in. Rodney Howard Browne says that nothing else in this world can heal someone that quick and reveal to them in truth thing about themselves than the one and only amazing King of Kings! –Priscilla R.

Rodney Howard Browne – Jim D. and Carlene B. Testimony

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Jim D.

Rodney Howard Browne says that Holy, Holy, Holy is all I can say. Thank you Jesus for your touch this week, best way I have ever spent a vacation is down here in Tampa getting fired up and pressing into Gods reverence for his people and their souls. Nebraska here I come for your Great Awakening comes Monday.

Carlene B.

The Great Awakening Tours says that so wonderful to see the fire of God moves so mightily in the meetings watching from Fargo North Dakota. Believing for an awesome service tomorrow Susie Craft Oh my how I wish every Christian would catch on to this Holy Ghost and Fire message!!!!!! Bro Rodney I just finished writing a comment to a face book friend who stated he believed the “laughter revival” was a judgment of God upon the church just to make us look like a bunch of fools. Rodney Howard Brown says that it gave me great JOY to testify why I know this is not true..loll! ACTS 2!!!!