Rodney Howard Browne – Nicole M. Testimony

Rodney Howard Browne says that this past week at Winter Camp Meeting 2011 was the best camp meeting I have ever attended. The presence and power of God was so amazing. Pastor Rodney taught on the anointing during the morning services and really just let the power of God flow. Rodney Howard Brown there was one morning service where a few different special guest singers got up on stage and started singing “I’ve Got It!” and the whole church started praising God and rejoicing that we’ve got the Holy Ghost all over us! We have it in our hands, feet, walk, and talk and all over us! There was such a freedom in the room it was breathtaking.

Rodney Howard Browne says that then at night as the fire of God fell, it was like we were receiving downloads from heaven and growing spiritually as we sat in the anointing. It was as if we were being taken from glory to glory! Then on Thursday night, it was like we touched heaven. Rodney Howard Browne says that as we were worshipping the Lord singing Holy, Holy, Holy it sounded like a choir of angels joined in with us! And I don’t blame them! God is worthy to be praised and worthy to have our all during worship! It was so powerful and I felt like I caught the slightest glimpse of what Heaven is going to be like.

Friday night though, changed my life and my friendship with one of my very dear friends. God completely restored and healed our broken friendship.  Great Awakening Tour stated that we were both completely full of joy and it felt as though an electric current was running through us. God mended and took away all of our bitterness, ill feelings, and malice towards one another and filled us up with His love. I praise God for everything He did through and for my life over the week of Winter Camp Meeting! -Nicole M.

Rodney Howard Browne – Valentina A. Testimony

Rodney Howard Browne says that the weeks of the revival meetings have been so amazing. I do soul winning every day, for the passion of souls has greatly increased in the inside of me. All I see now when I ride on the bus with people or meet people on the way the only question that comes to my mind is if they are save? Rodney Howard Brown says that working in the call center get more interesting as I pray and people get healed instantly and receive the baptism of the Holy Ghost immediately. I prayed for one lady who had had pains on her back since 2009 she got healed instantly and was shouting and praising the lord in her apartment.

I met another lady at the bus stop, prayed with her and she got save, but looking at this lady I could see she was not feeling good so I asked her what the problem was and she told me she had fever so I asked if I could pray for her and she said yes I laid my hands on her and took authority over the fever and she got healed immediately. In fact it is so amazing each time I think of the fact that God is not only giving me the opportunity to reach people but also the fact that through me people are receiving healing breakthrough. The Great Awakening Tour stated that thank for the River for only a place like this can give such opportunity to all irrespective of whom they are.Thank God for the River.  -Valentina A.

Rodney Howard Browne – Aja K. Testimony

Rodney Howard Browne says that I believe that we are in the greatest hour and the greatest time now in the church.  We are so privileged to have access and freedom to worship God and to preach the gospel freely.  We have only a short window now to reap this harvest, it is our responsibility to reach the people for Christ.  We cannot leave the responsibility to just pulpit preachers. Rodney Howard Brown says that it is called the great commission and not the great suggestion.  Jesus did not give us an option when He said Go and preach the gospel to all men.  He did not ask if we wanted to go out and preach the gospel.

Great Awakening Tour stated that we cannot think that it is an option, we are responsible and we will be held accountable for our time and talents, and abilities that God has placed in our hands and that He has equipped us with.  We will have to give an account for our words and our actions, so we need to make sure that what we are saying is in love and we are to preach the gospel in love and not condemnation. Rodney Howard Browne says that  I believe that we are the army that God is raising up and all I know is that I don’t want God to have to use another generation to get the job done, I want to be apart of the generation that brings in and reaps this end time harvest of souls and I want my life to count for eternity. -Aja K.