Rodney Howard Browne – Noble K. Testimony

Rodney Howard Browne says that how could anyone not feel the fire and urgency for souls after being in or watching these meetings here at the River at Tampa Bay Church, anyone who calls themselves a believer needs to be plugging in to these meetings one way or another, In these meeting you will find the full unadulterated word of God with those who believe in the Bible and the whole Bible and nothing but the TRUTH by Rodney Howard Brown.

Great Awakening Tour stated that so come one come all and be revived and encouraged, come and have your faith build up there is so much great things going on here for the Kingdome of God in these meetings, there are people getting healed, people getting set free, miracles are taking place here many workings of the spirit of God and the main thing souls, souls, souls! souls are being won all over the globe for the Kingdome of God the great awakening is happening now, America is coming back to Christ I encourage all you pastors out there to get your churches involved in what’s going on here, come and be a part of the great awakening, Rodney Howard Browne says that pleas America is crying for the truth, crying to be freed from darkness, and all it takes is for all that believe to allow themselves to be used by the Spirit of God that same Spirit that was talked about in the book of Acts so all of you believers out there I ask you, don’t be a lame, If you don’t know now you know. -Noble K