Rodney Howard Browne – Valentina A. Testimony

I came to The River church last year February, and stated RBI in August 2010. Before coming here I had been a believer for almost ten years but had never experienced anything like what I saw in the River. The first was the soul winning script that made easy for me to lead people to the lord something I have struggled with for so long. The greatest day of my life was the RBI revival of 2010.

I got touch and laugh like a mad woman, what you have to understand is that before I came here I was a believer but bound Like Lazarus when he came out of the grave. I was bound with fear self pity confusion rejection just to name a few. But August 23rd 2010 something happened that turn my whole life around. Pastor Rodney called me out of the crowd and lay his hands on me and I started laughing, because I had hardly laughed before, my rips started cracking up I laugh for 24 hours.

Rodney Howard Browne – I got home at almost midnight and my land lady was still awake when I walked in she looked at me and screamed and I was wondering what had happened to her so I ask her and she said immediately I walked in she saw light on my fore head and she shouted I have joy and she started laughing  before I know she was speaking in tongues ,You have to Understand that my Landlady is a staunch catholic and will even hardly laugh I was amazed with what I was seeing but did not have the time to figure it out because I was over whelmed with joy so we both laugh our heads off till 1 AM. Valentina A.