Rodney Howard Browne – Rose Testimony

It is funny how you can hear the Word over and over and understand it with your mind but it doesn’t become a reality until you catch it with your spirit.

According to Mark 4, there are many types of ground and the ground represents the heart. Whether the Word penetrates the heart and grows, or is scorched or choked, depends on the condition of the heart.  I have to guard my heart with diligence and keep it pliable and soft so the Word can continually be sown in my heart and yield fruit. One of the changes I made was to control what is entering my eye and ear gates. I am selective of the movies I watch and I stopped listening to people complain and gossiping. I realized I was polluting my spirit and hardening my heart.

I learned is to take action. As a Bible school student, I made excuses as to why I was not spending more time with God such as I was too busy doing kingdom work and I didn’t have a place to meet since I live with 5 roommates. But then I started sowing the Word in my heart “Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled.” I meditated on that Word for a week, and then all of a sudden spending time with God became a priority.  I would literally feel a pressing need to go home and be alone in my room with God. Then I realized that I wasn’t waiting on God but God was waiting on me all along.