God’s Plan | Rodney Howard Browne

God does not react ; He plans. He planned creation.

He planned the raising up of a country from whom He would send the Messiah. Rodney Howard Browne explains that He planned the approaching of Jesus and his expiration on the cross. He planned our redemption even before He made the globe. ( Revelation 13:8 ). And He planned a place for us in heaven. It isn’t difficult to understand that God has a plan for our lives because that is as per His nature. He did not create us, drop us into the world, and say, “Do the best you can.” Rodney Howard Browne points out that he’s got a special plan for every one of us – He relates to us as individuals and endows us with unique non secular gifts and callings. Paul knew that God had called him in particular to be an apostle ( one Corinthians eleven ).

What did God considering when He made you? What were His plans for your vocation, how you would serve Him, and whether or not you are to marry? You may be guaranteed that God has a plan for each moment of your life. Thru His Word and the Spirit, he is announcing, “I am reliably here to meet your requirements. I made you. I saved you. I have got a purpose and design for your life. I am here to support you and to allow you to do all I am considering for your life. And I can never leave you.” the sole life that will bring God honor is the life surrendered to Him and His purpose. Rodney Howard Browne teaches to cooperate with His plan for you, which is the way to find joy, peace, and deep satisfaction.