Eric Testimony

I strongly believe that I’m called to the United States. I see and hear a lot of people talk about going to the Nations and around the world bringing revival and it hurts me to the heart because I see all these preachers and evangelist going to all the other places of the world as if there is no need here. My question is if everyone goes around the world to bring the Gospel of Christ then who will spread the Gospel in the States? For now my current mission is to show my family the ways of God in word and in deed as well as maintain a pure and honest relationship with the Lord. Missions really begins here where I am, and with time, the Lord will give me the desires of my heart, because I know He places those desires in my heart. I just plan on following each desire at a time, and wait for God’s time so that I’m on time and not my time. John 6:44 He will raise me up and is the author and the finisher of my faith. Once I got a word that said I was a shepherd, and have the heart of the Shepherd, that will go after the one once the 99 are safe. I will go after the outcast, and the ones that no one else will go after.

At times I feel as a Pastor when I deal with some individuals and I also like to minister to the people that no one else has time for. I know it is a Godly compassion because the desires and things that occur in my new life would have never been of my old nature, so I can see Gods nature growing from the inside out.


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