God Wants the Best for You by Rodney Howard Browne

God wants you to achieve success.

This does not mean he has got an automated plan for you to become rich or famous, though either of these might be included in His final design for your life. God’s idea of success starts at the Cross where Jesus died. Rodney Howard Browne explains that success isn’t measured by what you do in life or what you gain financially. Your love and attention to Jesus Christ measure your success.

In one Samuel fifteen, we read how Saul decided he would provide a sacrifice that only God’s anointed clergyman was commissioned to give. Since Samuel wasn’t present, Saul felt justified in his actions and made the sacrifice himself. Rodney Howard Browne this one act of insubordination cost Saul the dominion. Here is a lesson we want to learn if we’re going to be successful.

God anoints certain folk to do certain things. He has placed leaders in our lives for a reason. If we wish to lead, we must first learn how to follow. If you fail to submit to your God-given authority, then success from God’s perspective will be troublesome to attain. Rodney Howard Browne teaches that a successful person has learned humility to the point that he no longer thinks about whether he has gained it or not. We are called to do the will of God, but this only can be done at the feet of Christ. One more thing.

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