Rodney Howard Browne – Betty Testimony

I didn’t heal her, but it was Jesus that did the healing because of our faith in Jesus and we agreed together and believed all thing are possible even using my cell phone to get me there to pray with her. AMEN! I never realized that the more I give the more he blesses me. I cannot out give God. It has been amazing to see how God has met my needs in all type of circumstances or situations.  Just when I think I can’t, that is when God steps in and says, YES YOU CAN!! Psalms 37: 3-5 Through all the challenges I have faced, I have keep the Joy of the Lord in my heart which strengthens me as I keep getting my refills of the Holy Spirit at the River Church and each time is a new level I gain in becoming more Christ-like and less of me.       Heb. 12:2 James 1:2    GOD IS GOOD!!   Amen!!


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