Rodney Howard Browne – Rudi Testimony

there are many areas of life where the word has to be sown into.

Most important for me as a believer is to have an open and clean heart when hearing the word. Let me give a picture of it. When a farmer is preparing his soil where he wants to sow seeds, he does first set fire on the ground to burn away all weeds.

When he finishes with that, he plows the ground so that all weeds are damaged. When the farmer has done that, he starts sowing the seed. When he does that, he knows that the soil is prepared for the seed to grow. Then he starts to water the ground with much water, clean water because he know that the seed need clean water to start making roots for the plant. He also knows that he has to water the ground every day – so he could have a good harvest.

When I stay in the presence of the Lord and let the anointing come into me, the Lord is starting to plow my heart so I can see what is in there. He brings it up to the surface so I can throw it out. By His anointing, He can sow His word (seeds) into the heart (soil) that He has prepared by the anointing. My job is to water the seed that He has put into me and let it grow. I do that by reading, confessing and acting on the word of God that He has put in me.


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