Rodney Howard Browne – Tanyta B. Testimony

Rodney Howard Browne says that since I started The River School of Worship, God has really been doing a lot in my life. I had so much hurt from the past that God just took away. At one point in time, I found it very hard to trust in men. At the same time I still wanted to be loved. I realize that people will always let you down, but God is, and always will be there for you. What I have learned since I have been here is to become dependent on God for all my needs. I’m usually the kind of person who worries. Rodney Howard Brown I always wonder how things are going to turn out, and how I can fix it. I don’t even know why I bother going through the unnecessary emotions because God always, always, ALWAYS, comes through. He provides time and time! It made me repent because I had put God in the same category as the people who have hurt me in the past, by not trusting in him.

Through this experience God has also opened my eyes to the way I was treating certain people. Because of my past I would not handle situations very well. God is really teaching me to be patient. I was really set in my ways, and thought that if I wanted something done right I would have to do it myself. My way is not always the best way, and my ways were not Gods’ ways. Rodney Howard Browne stated that God is really working on me because he has put a multitude of people in my path that all have a different way of doing things. I really thank God for those people because I’m learning so much from them.

I guess the point is, I have tried my way of doing things. God’s way is the only way and no matter how uncomfortable I feel, I’m going to do what he tells me because I know that I’m nothing without him. He is really changing my way of thinking, and I want to be used by him. I want my ways to be his ways, always! He is making me a mighty woman of God….Tanyta B.

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