Rodney Howard Browne – Trinette S. Testimony

Rodney Howard Browne indicates that where to even begin, I realize that you wanted us to sum up what the last three weeks have meant to us; however, not filling you in on how and why we’ve even come to be here seems like jumping in midstream.  When my husband and I came to the River for Summer Camp Meeting in July, we were coming to have you pray with us for God to open up doors and reveal His plan for our lives. Rodney Howard Brown says that my plan consisted of His plan starting us in the school of ministry at RBI in 2012, giving us enough time to get our ducks in a row and our bank account padded to make us self-sustaining and secure.

Little did I know that you would, without hesitation I might add, offer our family FULL scholarships to the school of ministry for 2011 – with school starting just seven weeks from the time of the offer.  What looked like an impossibility in the natural, God made happen. Rodney Howard Browne says that and not just happen in seven weeks, but in three.  I knew that God had called us, but was still struggling with the how’s and the securities; trying to figure it all out for myself.  God asked me what my Isaac was, to lay it down before Him and to let Him be God.  My Isaac was security.  Moving to a new place, establishing our family there, being prosperous and financially stable with sufficient income to sustain ourselves and our family was huge!  I knew what our bank account said and that was certainly NOT going to cut it. The Great Awakening Tour

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