Sandra Testimony

My testimonies as an intern here at revival Ministries International have been many. RBI Revival Week was the one week that I attended every morning and night service, with the sacrifice of not much sleep or family time. The Internship itself in the Pastoral Department entails organizational skills and teamwork, always being on point in season and out of season. About my one class for RBI, “Never despise small beginnings, preparation time is never wasted time, and repetition brings revelation.” About the “Gran Avivamiento-Tampa, all last week, it takes team work, punctuality and endurance. But the end results were amazing. Our Hispanic community in Tampa, Florida is hungry and thirsty for the things of God. No matter what trials and tribulations I am facing at home, God is good, and He will supply all my needs according to His riches in glory.
I am so grateful and honored to be part of the graduating class of Interns of 2013. I pray that everything I do is for God’s glory and not my own.

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